The Luckiest of Flowers

Review of the Slot Machine, “Flower Fortunes Supreme”

Flower Fortunes Megaways, developed by Swedish firm Fantasma Games and using the Megaways game engine developed by Big Time Gaming, was launched in 2019. They accomplished it in such a novel way that you might be excused for mistaking it for something other than a Megaways game at first sight. The studio’s unique presentation of the reel-set wasn’t the only thing that made this Megaways apart; the mechanism of collecting orbs to advance in level and unlock features also contributed significantly. Its unconventional nature may have made it difficult to relate to at first, but given the chance, its endearing qualities may blossom like a cherished sunflower. The possibility of an ultimate edition of Flower Fortunes Megaways was quite intriguing; what new innovations would Fantasma provide in their next installment? The studio has packed Flower Fortunes Supreme, like the original slot, with surprises, although they probably won’t be what players are expecting.

The first thing that caught my attention was the absence of the phrase “Megaways” from the game itself, the game sheet, and the payout schedule. Take that for what it’s worth, but the grid in Flower Fortunes Supreme works very much the same as the one in the original. The same rustic scenery of cliffs and sleeping flowers and grassy mounds surrounds the reels. The new and/or modified characteristics of the collection metre and the strangely cool new music score stand out. With those exceptions, everything continue as before.

However, the data for Flower Fortunes Supreme show an entirely different tale, one in which nearly every category is falling. This includes a decrease in hit frequency to 34.94%, volatility in the middle of the spectrum, and an average RTP of 95.88% (which can vary depending on the level achieved). We won’t drop the bombshell just yet, but those hoping for good news about the maximum win amount will be quite disappointed.

Six reels, each with a maximum of five spots, make up the bare minimum of the game panel. This may grow to a maximum of 9 levels as you collect orbs. Its symbols are 1×1 squares, 2×2 squares, or 3×3 squares, much like Cuisenaire rods. Low-paying combinations consisting of five symbols with no discernible pattern pay out at 1-1.5 times the wager, while high-paying combinations consisting of four patterned tiles pay out at 2.5-10 times the wager for six of a kind. Wild symbols occur on reels 2, 3, 4, or 5 and have always a size of 1×1.

Slot Machine Features in “Flower Fortunes Supreme”

In Flower Fortunes Supreme, you’ll want to rack up orbs on the level bar above the reels to unlock bonus features. The progress bar in this case begins at 0. When you land on an orb, you gain an extra step, while a leaf symbol takes one away. More rows are added to the grid and more options become available as you go along the progress bar.

(95.32% RTP between levels 0-5).

Respins are available at Level 1’s 6 rows (RTP 95.56%).

There are 7 rows available at Level 2, along with Respins and Expanding Wilds (RTP 95.94%).

At the third level, you have access to 8 rows, Respins, Expanding Wilds, and the Bonus (RTP 96.15 percent).

You may now play with 9 rows (Level 4), and you have access to Respins, Expanding Wild, Bonus, and Both Ways (RTP 96.41%).


To activate this bonus, you need to land a Respins symbol anywhere on reels 2-5. The Respins icon clears the board of itself and anywhere from five to twelve losing pay symbols at random. Then, more opportunities to win appear as fresh symbols drop from above.

Wilderness Areas

A random multiplier between x1 and x9 is applied when a level 2 or higher wild symbol lands on a reel. When a win has several wilds, the multipliers are added together.

Extra Round

The Bonus Game is triggered by landing 3 or more Bonus symbols of level 3 or above, and is played at the end of the spin; 5 flowers appear on the screen, and a random number of picks is granted. Each option has a reward value between 0.25% and 100% of the wager.

The Two-Way

Once you reach this point, you’ll be able to construct winning combos with symbols landing both left to right and right to left.

Slot Review: Flower Power Wins the Day

There are a lot of unanswered questions in Flower Fortunes Supreme. There aren’t many reasons to choose this sequel over the original, much less the original over the’supreme’ sequel. Although not poorly built, Flower Fortunes Supreme lacks the depth of its predecessor, Flower Fortunes Megaways. Everywhere you look, details have been toned down, as if this were the true beta version meant to be released before Flower Fortunes Megaways. It’s odd that you have to level up before you can enjoy the greater RTP, however the base rate isn’t too bad.

Sure, gathering orbs and triggering bonus features might be fun, but the voice that used to remark on the activity is noticeably absent. The notion of increasing difficulty as you play is ingenious, and the use of larger reels in conjunction with other features can really crank up the pressure. However, the drastic decrease in potential is a major contributor to the sensation of losing out when playing Flower Fortunes Supreme. The current maximum payout is 5,000x the wager, which is less than a third of the 18,480x available on Megaways (though we have yet to see any evidence of this). Even if Fantasma has good reasons for this, I doubt they’ll find many gamers who agree that this is the best possible number slash.

Though we may be completely off base, Flower Fortunes Supreme’s existence seems to be driven, at least in part, by the desire to keep Megaways under wraps. Whether you see Flower Fortunes Supreme as a stagnant step or a regressive one, it does not feel like progress has been made. It’s really bad, because the first one was a big improvement for Fantasma. Unless Flower Fortunes Megaways is discontinued, which is unlikely, there aren’t many compelling reasons to go for Flower Fortunes Supreme over the previous, bulkier iteration.






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