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Cocaine is a tropane alkaloid extract from the coca leaf . Famous psychotropic , it is a very powerful stimulant of the central nervous system , and its consumption is extremely addictive . Also, it is a peripheral vasoconstrictor . It is classify as a narcotic by the 1961 United Nation Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs. Its possession, trafficking and sale are regulate in all countries. However, some have decriminalize – even legalize – its possession for personal use, as in the Czech Republic  , Portugal or Colombia . Other ultra-restrictive countries can apply the death penalty, such as Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates

Divert and recreational use

Buy 92% Pure Cocaine in Powder form.

Cocaine most often comes in the form of a white, flaky powder, more rarely in the form of crystals. The one that feeds the traffic is rarely pure . It is most of the time cut elongate  in order to increase its volume. with various substances such as baking soda , sugar , lactose , paracetamol , caffeine or drugs or pesticides . more or less dangerous. Since 2003, there is more and more levamisole, a parasiticide that develops dangerous synergies with cocaine.

These cutting products are likely to increase the dangers by potentiating the effects or by an interaction between two products. The consumer has no information as to the purity of the product, which can lead to overdoses if the drug is lower cut than the consumer believes.

Its flavor is bitter and causes a numbing sensation on the tongue when taste.

Cocaine is consider to be the first illicit psychotropic to have given rise to organize trafficking, establishing the stereotypes of this type of market, namely the supplier and the practice of blending. It is al so use for doping purposes .

Most common use

Snuff or sniff in common parlance method of inhaling cocaine in powder form, usually through a small tube call a straw. The cocaine is then arrange in small threadlike heaps, call features, bars, rails, lines, points, beams or traces. The effect is after two to four minutes and lasts on average between a quarter of an hour and half an hour – depending on the quantity absorb

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