These are questions which are regularly asked by clients. Below are few of the questions and their answer which we provide to them in order to clear their doubts;

  1. Where are you people located?
  • We are located in Californian precisely in Los Angeles.

2. Are your products pressed or pharmaceutical?

  • We sell just pharmaceutical products.

3. What’s my guarantee of receiving my package if I purchase from you guys?

  • Your package delivery is 100% guarantee for arrival and should in case anything happens to you package ( got missing), we’ll do u another delivery of the same product and quantity to u without u spending a any more money.

4. Do I get a tracking number after the you are done with the registration of my package at the shipping agency?

  • Yes of course. That’s going to help you track your package as it moves on transit to your location.

5. Which shipping agency do you guys use for your delivery?

  • We ship with; FedEx, DHL, UPS, UPS, EMS and many others.

6. How are you guys able to ship your products within and out of USA without it been discover by the cops?

  • Firstly, due to our long duration in this business, we have friends who work in these shipping agencies who ensure every of our delivery moves smoothly. And also, we do disguise the package to look like birthday gift we are sending to a friend. Lastly, we do double vacuum seal packaging with oil plastic which prevent any scan and cocaine dogs from sniffing in to it.

7. Do I need a doctor prescription before ordering from your site?

  • No

8. How do I know that you guys are legit?

  • WE have been in this business for more than a decade that’s why you can see so many people recommending us to others because they have bought from us and they testify the quality of our product and the rapidity of your delivery. You can also see comments made on our products by few of our client on our website, how they are satisfy with our services.

9. Can you guys deliver to another address that’s not mind?

  • Yes all we need is for you to endeavor to give us a correct address.